Green Building… Is it for you?

Green Building… Is it for you?

If you want to reside on healthier surroundings, breath cleaner air, save money and help the environment, then… YES, green building IS for you!

What is Green Building?

“Green Building’ or ‘Sustainable’ design and construction means creating healthier and more energy-efficient homes and buildings in a manner that allows us to use our resources more efficiently. The goal is to leave a lighter footprint on the environment through the conservation of our natural resources, while balancing energy-efficient, cost-effective, low-maintenance products on the construction.

There are many elements that make up or qualify a home or building to be certified ‘green’ or ‘sustainable.’ Not only it includes the systems that circulate the air, what’s behind the walls, the attic, windows, counters, appliances, lighting, sealing the house and so on, but it also includes using renewable and recyclable materials, adding durability, creating less waste during construction, and so many other things.

A green building may cost more up front, but saves through lower operating costs over the life of the building.

Wikipedia provides an easy to understand summary of Green Building. To read it click here or feel free to email us your questions.

Buying Luxury Real Estate — Best Timing and Smart Thinking Matters

Buying Luxury Real Estate — Best Timing and Smart Thinking Matters

When you realize that your home no longer satisfies your family’s needs and you desire one that is spacious, stylish, luxurious and at its best value, then it is time to upgrade–and this is the perfect moment to buy.

With the present economic condition of the country today, there has been a decline in the number of interested buyers for high-end properties or luxury real estates, and so goes the original values. But with the optimism of national and global economic players, the low values of these properties may have already been established and current value trends are displaying upward curves again. And by the time the curves move up, your best decision to buy your dream home too soon, may be too late.

Luxury FoyerMany successful celebrities and businessmen gain their huge fortunes, not only from their hard work and luck, but equally, from their skills and access to successful and best trading practices. One of these is buying great properties like luxury real estates or luxury homes when their prices are low. And once the market rebounds back, they sell it high. Investment opportunities in Orlando, Windermere, Celebration or Montverde, are worth the look for these kinds of wealth growing strategies. Ask any known individuals who have spent decades in the real estate industry, and many, if not all, would advise the same thing–not to wait for the economy to get back to its all-time high.

However, one must understand that acquiring extravagant properties, like in Windermere Luxury Homes or Orlando Luxury Homes, is not like buying a regular home purchase. To live in this kind of lifestyle is to pay not just for the house but also for the lavish amenities accorded with it, and also the specific location where it stands. Therefore, beyond the potential return of investment we seek, one must be wiser enough to engage in the best practices buying luxury homes. These are to name a few, visiting the home physically and not just rely on photos or videos and knowing what is really around the vicinity, scrutinizing the financial documentation vis-à-vis to other investments.

Equally important is to secure the service of professionals who have the experience and competencies in buying luxury real estates. We have the best know-how, resources and connection to guide you through the step-by-step process in home-buying.

In summary, buying luxury homes, while they are still at great prices, and doing what real smart people do is really what matters most in buying your dream luxury home. But don’t just dream it, buy it at its best.

Irma G. Yapor is your best source for luxury homes in the Greater Orlando Area. Please feel free to contact me at 407-909-8000 for more information.


A Good First Impression Helps Sell Your House

A Good First Impression Helps Sell Your House

It can’t be overstated—when it comes to buying a house, the first impression is everything. If you’re selling or getting ready to sell in the coming months, one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance that first impression is through paint.

Fresh paint makes your house look clean, bright, and inviting.

Painting your house’s exterior and interior before you put it on the market give the biggest bang for your fix-up buck.

Agents agree that sellers shouldn’t take curb appeal lightly, especially when so many buyers are doing their homework and looking at the exterior of houses before they even contact an agent.

If nothing else, paint at least the door, door frame, and foyer or first room the would-be buyers will see.

  • Use fresh, neutral colors. If you’re painting the exterior, make sure the color blends in with the neighborhood. Opt for whites, creams or neutrals. The PQI says these colors appeal to the greatest number of people.
  • Whether you paint yourself or hire someone, make sure all the prep work is done—washing all dirt away, and patching and repairing any necessary areas on the surface before it is painted.
  • Paint railings, window frames, trim, and other accents to freshen up the exterior.
  • Promote any recent painting in your ads, flyers and online descriptions of your house. Homeowners and buyers place a high value on the painted appearance of a home. Include the date the paint job was completed and the quality of paint that was used.
  • Dress up the lawn with a beautiful landscape. Nice green grass and colorful plants and flowers help make the best first impression.
Living Green

Living Green

Save Energy and Money.
Conserve the Environment.
Live a Healthier Life.

Make a change for the better — living a healthy life and protecting the environment starts at home.

Living green is only common sense—save money, be comfortable, live healthier and protect the environment—what’s not to like about that? It is not a lifestyle sacrifice but rather a different way of thinking. It’s about rising to a higher quality of living for you and your family.

Simple and affordable steps can upgreen your home and lifestyle. From the food you eat to the way you drive. Read the post: “Top 10 Ways to Make a GREEN Difference” to get you started. We can all do it! We should all consider this our responsibility–to take care of our earth and sustain it for our future.

Did you know that: A simple and healthy-looking salad lettuce have been sprayed an average of 12 times with up to 50 different pesticides, fungicides and herbicides before it reached your plate?

Buy organic! Organic foods are grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or added hormones. Organic farmers improve their soils providing healthier plants, fruits and vegetables. Always look for the USDA certification seal on the packages to ensure it is organic.

Did you know that: Bottled water could be more contaminated than tap water?

Filter your water! Those flexible plastic bottles, not only do they clog landfills, but they are also a source of phthalates, a very harmful chemical. Plastic that touches water or food could be very harmful, especially at warmer temperatures. Note of caution: Do not heat anything with plastic in the microwave.

And the list goes on with clothing, creams, cosmetics, etc. There’s a lot to learn and much room to improve.  Together we can achieve a healthier way of life and sustainable living.

Join the green revolution… UpGreen!

Purchasing an Orlando Short Sale

Purchasing an Orlando Short Sale

Homeowners who can no longer afford to make their mortgage payments have other alternatives to bankruptcy or foreclosure. One of their options is called a “short sale.” When a lender agrees to consider a short sale means they will accept less than the total amount due as payoff on the mortgage loan. A short sale can be an excellent purchase because it allows the buyer to purchase a home below the current market value, but it can also be a complicated transaction when compared to a traditional purchase:

  • The offers are subject to approval by a third party, typically the mortgage lender, not the homeowner.
  • The timeframe for an offer’s review and approval could take several months. Many times the lenders accept various offers, which could provide the buyer a frustrating situation not knowing the status of their offer.
  • In many cases the lender may consider paying for repair expenses and/or buyer closing costs.
  • The timeframe to close a sale could take several months.

Short sales can be incredible buys! As a potential buyer, you may submit your offer at a reasonable price. If the lender believes it is more profitable to accept your offer than to let the home go to foreclosure, your offer has a good chance to be accepted.

If you would like to receive more information on how to purchase a short sale listing at a great price, please contact us.

Showing Your Home

Showing Your Home

Be Ready to Show at All Times

Sellers should be aware that same-day and even last-minute requests for showings are common. You should always be ready for a showing, so keep your home organized and clean. Tell the kids to put their toys away when they are done playing and make sure you don’t let those dishes pile up in the sink.

Keep it Flexible

Most agents do try to arrive within the scheduled showing time, but sometimes it isn’t possible. They may get stuck in traffic, or the house they saw prior to your showing took longer than expected. It happens, and sometimes it happens too late to be fixed by a phone call.

If this happens you may want to stay away from home a little longer than you think is necessary, just to make sure you don’t interrupt a showing.

Pets Must Be Controlled

Pets should be out of the house during showings, especially large dogs, since many people are afraid of them. A gruff bark coming from inside the house is enough to make some home buyers turn around at the front door.

Because most people are not aware of odors in their own home, such as those from a pet, you may want to keep the pets outside or in a controlled area, or maybe just use an air purifier or freshener. You don’t want buyers to remember the home as the house that smells.

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